Maternity Care

Over 5,000 New North Atlanta Residents...and Counting!

Welcoming a new member to your loving household is one of life's greatest gifts. We specialize in making your special delivery worry free.

Our practice provides full-spectrum prenatal, labor & delivery, and postpartum care reinforcing a close partnership between the physician and patient with each visit to our office.

Prenatal Care

Prior to the birth of your baby, we offer:

  • Regularly scheduled appointments with your doctor
  • Ultrasound evaluations by your doctor
  • Management of high-risk pregnancy, in consultation with a Perinatologist, including hypertension, diabetes, twin gestation, premature labor, advanced maternal age, etc.
  • Close attention to diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

Labor and Delivery

On your most important day you can expect Dr. Scott to provide comprehensive care at Northside Hospital Atlanta.


We will scheduled a follow-up visit with Dr. Scott  for a wellness exam with attention to postpartum depression, birth control management, and counseling for a healthy lifestyle.

Ready for a Healthy Delivery?

Are you pregnant or planning to become so soon? From preconception evaluations to post partum care - we're with our patients from start to finish. 

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