A Lifelong Passion for Women's Health

Michael C. Scott, MD: OB/GYN

About Dr. Scott, the Physician…

Dr. Michael C. Scott has been a practicing OB/GYN Physician for nearly three, decades.  Starting in 1991, Dr. Scott begin formally practicing OB/GYN care in Atlanta and ultimately has gained steady, notable accreditations in his chosen field.  Dr. Scott elected to pursue the specialty of OB/GYN following his Mother’s life-threatening battle with Endometrial Cancer.  The Gyn Oncologists left an indelible impression on the 11-year-old.

Dr. Scott enjoys obstetrics both low and high-risk patients.  Caring for two patients, the mother and unborn baby is particularly challenging in some instances and very rewarding.

Dr. Scott enjoys the challenges involved in high risk obstetrics in patients with multiple medical problems from diabetes, chronic hypertension, maternal obesity, renal disease, fetal anomalies, and advanced maternal age to cite a few.

Gynecologic surgery with advanced laparoscopic techniques is a passion Dr. Scott possesses.  He is frequently able to perform difficult cases via laparoscopy therefore avoiding the need for an abdominal incision.  Over the last 30 years Dr. Scott has done numerous vaginal, abdominal and laparoscopic cases and has gained extensive experience such that he has the knowledge to handle situations encountered.

Some of Dr. Scott’s accomplishments include:

Chairman of Northside Hospital OB/GYN Department 2007-2009 contributing to the growth of Northside Hospital’s Obstetrical service.  For the last 10 years Northside Hospital has been the busiest OB hospital in the US delivering over 19,000 babies.

In 2007, as a legislative chair of Georgia’s OB/GYN Society, Dr. Scott helped lead the fight to oppose the Women’s Access to Healthcare Bill which required women to have a referral before they could see their OB/GYN.  This bill was later soundly defeated after mobilizing patient card and phone opposition to this bill which was ultimately won on the State of Georgia’s Legislative Session in the State’s Capitol. 

About Dr. Scott, the man…

Dr. Scott has successfully completed over 20 mission trips since 2004.  He has helped to bring this same level of care to those less fortunate in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Dr. Scott has completed mission trips to the Amazon, Ghana, Brazil, Bolivia, Nepal, Guatemala, Vietnam and Ethiopia.

Community:  Through the years, Dr. Scott has coached Youth T-Ball, football, basketball and soccer at Dunwoody United Methodist Church and later Murphy Candler and All Saints Church.  

Personal:  Healthcare is infinitely more personal than a physician’s accreditations and standing.  It’s personal.  It’s yours and only yours.  Everything concerning a woman’s health is important.  

As such, Dr. Scott is known as a “Patient’s Doctor”.  As a physician driven by a call to altruistic endeavors, Dr. Scott has a true passion for caring for all women, regardless of means. To Dr. Scott, all patients deserve the absolute best OB/GYN care available.  

An example of this can be found with each and every newborn child.  Dr. Scott still sings “Happy Birthday” to nearly every child he delivers.  Dr. Scott truly enjoys and believes in his profession.

Compassion, Commitment and almost 3 decades of Physician excellence is waiting for you.  With Dr. Scott, you are in the best hands possible. 

Dr. Scott is married with two sons - both of whom are pursuing careers in healthcare. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities, fly fishing, travel, reading and spending time with family.